Friday, August 23, 2013

Zwei Spie-gel-ei-er, Bitte - sunny side up!

My name sake, Nina Stoessinger posted a wonderful story on cultural mis-understandings.  It's in German and if you are reading it make sure to catch the comments too.

And since you are on the "other" Nina's Blog - browse a bit it's worth it - the other entries are all in English. I met Nina in New York, not as one would think because we share a name or are both Swiss, but volunteering at the New York City Marathon only weeks after 9/11. 

I've been watching Nina's graphic work and one day, I hope, there will be an opportunity for collaboration. We share a love for words - hers laid out and presented, mine spoken and heard, but I could switch any old day if only I had the skill set. 

I am thrilled to see that we also share the joy of the written word and musings about cross-cultural differences. 


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