Monday, November 30, 2009

Introducing "Abraham's Children"

I just realize: if i put this out into the world i should introduce my film "Abraham's Children". Here goes from my offical distribution document the synopis and some background:

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and in America. Indeed every tenth child in the New York school system is Muslim. Abraham’s Children tells the stories of some of these children through their own voices; exploring their daily routines and experiences and challenging stereotypes of race and religion.

Abraham’s Children is not a politically-driven expose. Rather the film presents real stories of Muslim children in America. The producer and director of Abraham’s Children, Nina Froriep, believes in the power of storytelling to change minds and preconceived notions and to deepen an understanding of the world around us.

The topic of Islam and Muslims in America is fraught with emotions, many of which are fueled by the post 9/11 media frenzy and the negative stereotyping of Muslims, not only in the news, but in entertainment in general. Nina wanted to tell the story of the lives of ordinary Muslim Americans through children’s eyes to help the audience see beyond their “fear of the other” and expose the essence of Muslims as neighbors, colleagues and friends and as future leaders in America.

Thanks to our amazing crew, Abraham’s Children is beautiful to watch and sounds terrific. Particularly our Director of Photography, Claudia Raschke-Robinson (“My Architect” and “Mad Hot Ballroom”), performed amazing feats with her hand-held camera. Terry Katz’ editing is seamless and sets a great pace and Salman Ahmad’s music melds it all together, not to mention that he has millions of fans in the Muslim world.

Abraham’s Children is finished and currently awaiting admission to the Sundance, Berlin, South by South West and Tribeca film festivals. A DVD screener is available and the trailer is on our website at:

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