Monday, March 31, 2014

Prezi Version of Panna Cotta Recipe

I thought I'd share a trial run of the new Prezi interface for which I used a (rather boring) visual presentation for a Panna Cotta recipe [a la Production Style] I had done a few weeks ago and had posted here

For the entire presentation on, click here

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Original Programming

July 2011 I wrote about how we watch TV, the title:  I Don’t Have a TV.  I recently read Outside the Box, by Ken Auletta in the New Yorker, an article I highly recommend and decided it was time to revisit the topic for a bit.
We know that “TV” has changed.  What has changed as well, is who means what when they use the word “TV”.  That’s what my blog post from nearly three years ago was mostly about.  This time around, I’m more interested in the programming aspect of TV; that is content, not context.
Television today faces two major threats: advertising models and streaming services.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Side Note: March Madness

Hello, Mister...
March Madness has several meanings apart from the popular American reference to some kind of baseball thing that has to do with college teams, presumably in March. To me March Madness is two things: first the mating season for rabbits (need I say more) and secondly this March for sure, a hole slate of weird ‘stuff’ – and don’t tell me that is because whichever planet is in retrograde.
Under ‘stuff’ I would file the funky weather for instance. That is, it’s been freaking cold and snow has been falling in all the wrong places, like South Jersey wants snow, really!  Dump it in Lake Placid please.
Next on my ‘stuff’ list:  MH370, the plane that disappeared, crashed, was blown up, hijacked by aliens, or swallowed by David Blaine who will spit it out in a month.  The ensuing madness of cultural “lost in translation” miscommunication, obsessive ├╝ber-sharing of information of the wrong kind by the media, and the rampant conspiracy theories make it that more baffling that in our world today a plane could disappear mid-flight to never (?) be seen again.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Case for Social Media, Outreach, Marketing and Distribution Producers

The first time I heard of a 50/50 film budget, I was like, yeah, right, like I’m going to spend 50% of my production budget on M&A (Marketing & Advertising).

That was the fall of 2009 after having spent all but $1K of my budget on MAKING a film. The remaining 1K was earmarked for festival submissions.  Not long after I started spending my own money to cover outreach and marketing expenses so the film would meet some deserving eye balls.  Not including my labor, 20% of the production budget for distribution seemed about right.  But then I started factoring in my time and realized how long an outreach, marketing and distribution process lasts. 50% now was very reasonable.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Searching for Bitcoins

If you’re like me you understand the concept of Bitcoin as a virtual currency, but not the finer points, you do not pay for anything with Bitcoins, nor would you know where to GET Bitcoins (it’s called mining, by the way), let alone would you invest in them.  
According to the Wikipedia definition: Bitcoin as a concept and the network is spelled with a capital “B”, the actual currency “bitcoin”: no capital “B”.  I’ll try to keep them straight…
TechCrunch wrote about a guy on February 28th, who was stopped for further search by the TSA looking for Bitcoins in his carry-on, which is beyond hysterically funny.  And of course it’s not, especially if you, like me have been on the road so much you’ve slept less than half the time in your own bed for a year.